Lana wanted to discover if there were possibly aliens living among them, much to the dismay of Clark. As it turns out, Darkseid brought his homeworld of Apokolips to Earth, preparing to invade. Lois embracing Clark after Lana says goodbye. During Jimmy's 1940s inspired dream sequence, Lana Luthor, married to Lex, the most powerful man in Metropolis, believes her husband is trying to have her killed. He then takes their guns using them to fire against Lana but thanks to Lois, who uses her vest and takes the shots by throwing herself in front of her, Lana does not get hurt. But as Clark defends his new city, a younger clone of General Zod arrives with an army of cloned Kryptonians called Kandorians, hoping to rule Earth as a New Krypton. Though the worst is yet to come As Clark battles tragedy, Lex Luthor hardens himself to the world around him, namely after a near-death experience on Christmas Eve. Lois was forced to admit her feelings after both she and Clark were kidnapped by a jeweler and hooked up to a lie detector and electric chair. Lana later attended Metropolis University and pursued a degree in Business and became a successful businesswoman. Lana goes to the Kent Farm and accepts Clark's proposal. In Smallville season 8, Lanas exit paved the way for Clarks relationship with Lois to progress to the next level. Ironically, Lana was the one who left Clark behind in Smallville to make her own mark on the world. Clark's adventures have become legendary. Although not as sarcastic as Chloe, Lana can be tough and rough when called for like she is hard on Clark for his own good. With Season Eight, romantic attraction begins to develop between them. Later, Clark set up music and lights in his barns and slow danced with Lois and they professed their love for each other. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Although Lana briefly marries Lex, she sees the Luthor heir as the manipulator he is while also discovering Clark's secret on her own. As Clark helps Kara adjust to life on Earth, he faces increasingly powerful threats. However, Lana later married Pete Ross, and the two settled into a quiet life in Smallville with their son, Clark Peter Ross. As Darkseid gathers his forces, Clark unveils a new red and blue uniform, another step closer to the Superman uniform thathis mother made him, though the A.I. Season 5s Reckoning is remembered as one of the most important episodes in Smallville's entire ten-season run. After that Superman fights with the Soldier, being obviously upset from all the deaths around him, which he also had a part in. Naturally, this drives a wedge between them like the legend of Naman and Sageeth and fractures their friendship. While she was running the Isis Foundation Lana started wearing reading glasses and dressed like a sophisticated businesswoman. After both Clark and Lois got rejected to co-host "Good Morning Metropolis", Clark finally shows his true feelings for Lois and the two share a passionate kiss at the Daily Planet. based on his own brain patterns played by "Superman II" actor Terence Stamp and, before the planet explodes, Jor-El sends Kal-El to a planet he once visited in his youth, Earth. In an alternate reality shown in Lexmas (or alternate timeline) Lana is married to Lex Luthor. She was a childhood friend of Clark and Lois then asks Lana if she had experienced any side effects to the Kryptonite absorption. She appears along with his parents, who are not dead, and have visited their son in the big city. Clark attends his five-year reunion at Smallville High and brought Lois along. WebPersonally, did you prefer Clark and Lana together or Clark and Lois? Jor-El in his rebuilt Fortress claims he isn't ready for it. Lana has since then returned to life as a normal person. She later told Clark that she didn't like what she did, because she felt she had to choose between doing the right thing and being successful. She also appears in a flashback, where Clark with the help of his father, Jonathan, saved her cat by taking it out of a tree, in Superman/Batman #1. Then some missiles appear fired against the monster and Superman decides to destroy the drone planes that fired them. She surprises him by telling him that the wedding is on. After forcefully taking LuthorCorp from his father, Lex begins projects to reverse-engineer alien tech, create mind-controlled super-soldiers, and continue the company's illegal cloning programs. (3:00pm) Martha is seated at the wedding, while Oliver and Chloe take their positions as best man and maid of honor, Lois arrives in the doorway and looks around nervous, until Clark takes her by the hand, and they walk down the aisle. They have a son, Alexander and she is pregnant with their second child, a girl. It was later seen that Jordan's visions of people's deaths can be changed by Clark Kent, making this vision only a possible future and not a definite one. He also begins learning about his past through information he found through the press. Doomsday kidnaps Chloe and takes her to the corrupted Fortress of Solitude. Heres what likely would have happened to the shows main characters if Lana had stayed dead in Smallvilles 100th episode. They are pleased and then assign him his next task: to remove Clark's powers using a gold kryptonite wedding ring. Here's why she was such a divisive character on Chaos. Smallville's Secret Easter Eggs Were A Perfect Superman Trick, John Glover's Lionel Luthor about Clarks secret, Smallville Had A Unique Guest Star Problem, "It's My Holy Grail": Jason Momoa Emotionally Hypes Up New Apple TV Show, The Punisher's MCU Return Could Mean The End For One Avenger, Picard Season 3 Fixes Season 2's Problematic Q Story. However, before she left she reassured him that she would always love him. WebFind many great new & used options and get the best deals for SMALLVILLE WB POSTER Lot LANA, LEX, CLARK CW All 3 of 3 at the best online prices at eBay! Although Clark's parents knew his secret and his best friends Pete and Chloe would be welcomed into the fold during their time at Smallville High the farm boy didn't know everything about his own origins. As a test, the A.I. Lana showed no jealousy about this possible relationship due to her feelings for Jason. The woman is killed that same day in a roller coaster accident. Lana Lang Clark is shown an alternate reality where he never arrived on Earth and returns to Krypton 1986. Lana is an accomplished horseback rider [8] and an avid reader.[9]. Suddenly, he realizes that the monster is not roaring but actually it is trying to communicate. In the choke hold, John's heart inadvertently absorbs the Kryptonite fueled nanites stored underneath Lana's skin which fused with John Corben and weapons close to him, allowing John to control them. After that, Lana is being targeted by guns used by children, however her power of invulnerability caused the bullets to bounce off her body. Lana values honesty within her relationship and will build a relationship with someone she perceives will trust her. WebPersonally, did you prefer Clark and Lana together or Clark and Lois? This worries Clark about his destiny and as a result, he becomes distrustful of Jor-El and often ignores his guidance. Things didn't work out between Clark and Lana, but the same can't be said for Clark andLois. After learning that her pregnancy was faked, Lana became a stronger and more mature woman, far from the soft and naive girl she once was. Between Season Four and Season Seven, Clark and Lois see each other only as friends. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. During her teenage years, Lana would often attempt to prove that neighbor boy, Clark Kent, was the superhero Superboy. Later, Clark tells to Lex that he and Lana didn't work out because he wasn't ready for that kind of relationship. Because of his discovery, he learns the story of Naman a being from the stars who fell to Earth in a meteor shower and uses his superpowers to fight evil. Even so, having a longer life could have changed numerous Smallville stories, one of which being how Lionel was used in the later seasons. It is later revealed that she is having an affair with Detective Clark Kent. Lois and Lana flee from the metallic clutches of Metallo. After Lanas departure, Smallville didnt wait long before advancing Clarks relationship with Lois, but its hard to imagine that story proceeding to the next stage so soon (or at all) if Lana had died. He can be reached by email at and on Twitter at @cnraymond91. In the New 52, the core elements of Lana and Clark's relationship in Smallville has not changed. As she was important in more ways than one, Clark isnt the only person whose future would have been affected by the change. She tracked down a former military instructor and convinced him to train her in not feeling pain and torture. But, after revisiting his past with a reprogrammed Brainiac 5 namely his father's death from years ago Clark overcomes his anger and pain. The important thing to her, though, was that no matter where Clark wen, if he ever came back to Smallville for a visit, he would always have family there in her. For a time she was CEO of LexCorp but had her contract terminated by a hologram of Lex Luthor for helping Superman with LexCorp technology. Lex Luthor begins plans for the Guardian Orbital Defense Platforms, in order to compete with the Russian Aefense Platforms already in orbit. If that sounds awfully familiar, keep reading During his high school years, Clark is involved in a car accident after he's hit by Lex Luthor, the 20-something son of the billionaire industrialist Lionel Luthor (JohnGlover) and heir to the LuthorCorp empire. Lana found out from her friend Amanda, that apparently the rival coffeehouse has had several health department violations they've been trying to cover up. In addition, it is shown in Phantom that her feelings for Clark surpass her fear of super-powered beings, as well as she immediately accepted the fact that he was actually an alien and not a meteor freak as she herself (and Chloe before her) originally believed. Another tragedy in Lexs life could have pushed Michael Rosenbaums character closer to becoming the villain he was destined to become in the first place. Kara's ship arrives on Earth, but she gets stuck in suspended animation for 18 years. Smallville showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar bodied the heck out Clana ( the fictional relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang on the 21-year WebThe romantic or significant relationships on Smallville are often nicknamed by fans. Despite their earlier friendship, Lois and Lana had little contact after this as Lex was gradually cutting Lana off from her previous life. Lana reacts accordingly to the realization that Superman is helping the monster but she trusts him. (Source episode: Chloe and Jimmy are kidnapped at their engagement party. At the wedding chapel, Oliver and Chloe are decorating the aisle while reminiscing the missing memories that was their wedding night. Lois knew that Clark wouldn't tell her about his secret again. Power and Abilities The story of "Smallville" begins long before the events of the series on the alien planet of Krypton. Chloe appears at the Daily Planet and in order to convince Lois, who is insistent that her and Clark should not get married, gives her Clarks vows. Superman realises he can't stop the storm but he can help stop Lana's tanker from being rammed by an abandoned cargo ship. Clark, Lana, Jason and Lex go to China to find the, Chloe and Lana move to Metropolis to attend.
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