Solution: To calibrate your blade on Silhouette Studio, follow the steps on the calibration page to solve . Thats Load Media. The Silhouette Cameo mat comes in several sizes - the 1212 inch Cameo mat (standard grip), 1212 inch Light Tack Mat, 1224 and 812. Do you have the feeder bar locked down on the right side? The reason your Silhouette Cameo is not cutting correctly could be for the following reasons: its not calibrated, theres bad lighting, the material is too glossy, sliding material, and incorrect roller placement. all of the sudden, i feel like i'm not sure how i lived without the ability to cut all.the.things.. though i had about a day's long learning curve to get through, the machine and program that . HI, When I put my machine on, it moves the housing to the left and hits the wall and keep going ( bumping the wall) and then stops and rests in the right place. How to use the Silhouette Studio Drawing tools: Lesson 3 Draw an Arc, Draw something! I'm back in business with an efficiently working machine, and I'm grateful. So when you start a new cut, it may start halfway down the page or too far to the right, or it may even start up the old cut again. This helps me to be able to keep my business going and provide more tutorials. Calibration is likely the fix necessary if the Silhouette blade is starting to make a cut too far to the right - when compared to where the design is positioned on the virtual mat in Silhouette Studio. How to use the Silhouette drawing tools Lesson 1: Draw a line, Tuesday quick tip: How to strikethrough text, Attention Windows computer users with an older Silhouette machine, Silhouette America to discontinue the Curio. Sometimes, that just means you waste a bit of material at the top. I have been trying to find something on how to calibrate it thinking that was off somehow, but it seems the only adjustment is L/R. If you are having an issue with the machine not cutting in the right place and you have gone through all the other reasons here, try connecting the machine to your computer with a USB cord. How to use the Silhouette drawing tools: Lesson 2 Draw a non-regular shape, Draw Something! When I use thick card-stock or vinyl paper,I like to secure it down with matte tape on all sides. It features an auto-blade system that allows you to adjust the blade depth for different materials and thicknesses easily. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Click the image link above and use code 10OFF to get 10% off regular priced items (bundles and promo items not included). Can you help please . I truly appreciate all that you do for the silhouette world! Unplug the USB cord from the machine and your computer. Heres an example. i cannot believe i waited so long! Hi there! I said that one of the reasons I dont like the one built into the software is that if you move the motor box to do a second test, you have to remember to put it back or your cut job starts in the wrong place. It's both the closing of a chapter of life and a fresh beginning. Click "OK.". Then try a different USB cord. In other words, the machine finishes the first job before starting the second one. Prescription: Check the Send area in the software and the machine screen to make sure jobs are cleared out before starting a new job. This pertains to all machines except the Cameo 3 and 4, Portrait 2 and Curio. It will show the color whether you have a blade installed or not, if the lock is pushed in.It DOES NOT mean your blade is installed properly. Make sure the blade is installed properly & the lock is pushed in securely. If you made it, could you share your secrets? Prewscription: Use the correct guideline when loading. After you adjust the millimeters,test the cut in another green square to see if it worked. THANK YOUfor your support! There are several reasons why this happens. One of the most annoying things is when its cutting in the completely wrong place. Thank you so much. Electrical or electronic products may pose a . Now think about something like vinyl that you can cut without the mat. 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The blade housing will not return to the left. Giving gifts to the beloved graduates of our lives is a nice way to join in on the celebration, but sometimes it's hard to come up with good gift ideas. I will always be honest about my opinion of any product. Like the Cameo, it can cut a variety of materials, but it also has the ability to draw and write with pens and markers. And I have trouble with the machine reading the registration . You go in order, because thats the way we do it. The machine doesnt pull the mat in far enough, thinking that youre cutting without the mat. There you have it, these were some ways to fix common issues to why your Silhouette Cameo 4 is not cutting right in order to get your sticker cutting machine working again. The third button, with the down arrow, is for Unload. You are in the right place: You will get: .1 PNG (300 dpi high resolution and transparent background) .1 EPS .1 SVG .1 DXF .1 AI Main file Description: Ready to a printed t-shirt, mug, sticker, apparel, clothing, poster, etc. Lets say youre cutting HTV with the mat and you have it set to 12 width. If you are still expecting the arrow to point up, you will load the material incorrectly. I will show you how it fix these issues in this article. Classy and cool, less is more with Kingston. Find some way to remind yourself that embossing on a Curio flips the whole page. Remember,Send wont be there, so her only choices areStart Cutting orSend to Queue. This is usually only an issue when you are cutting without the mat. It also means that the cut will not match the exact location on a Silhouette cutting mat as it shows on the virtual design mat, if the mat is loaded properly.If you are using a 3rd party cutting mat, it may be a different size and will not match the virtual design mat spacing. This recalibration seems to have solved my problems. The key factor you may notice is that it doesnt cut properly. Heres the problem: it doesnt mirror the design it mirrors the whole page. On these screens, you clearly see the options. | Silhouette School Blog If you'e Silhouette CAMEO 4 is not cutting, check these three big reasons why! You can then go back to the project you were trying to cut in the first place. If you are still having cut issues, try a new blade.Make sure its installed properly and does it adjust?I always recommend having extra blades and mat on hand. I do this when it is nighttime and my desk lamp is not enough. This is common with glossy papers. If there are 3 people in front of you, you will be helped when they are finished. If in doubt, follow the procedure in Diagnosis #1. Then when you send your project to cut, it uses that as the origin point instead of going back to the upper left corner. The springs hold your material in place, while the rollers should not be touching anything but the clear mat. That means there are still 3 jobs waiting in the queue. You have a bad spot on the right side of the material where you accidentally cut a design with your force too low. A Portrait mat is 9 wide. USB cords are pretty generic, so one from another device like a printer may work on your machine. If you just start cutting without checking the page size, your machine may not cut where you expect. i'm just bopping in to share my latest love with you: the silhouette cameo cutting machine. The sticky area in the middle is 12 x 12 and theres a non-sticky margin all the way around that. I thought it was just broken, so I have been "eyeballing it" and compensating. This will help get a resolution faster. If the machine is no longer getting power, when its turned back on it may still want to finish the job (good worker, that one). Then right click and find calibrate. I am LaTonna\" Ms. Tee\" Roberson AKA \" The Lady Print Boss\". First, ensure the cap around the blade is tight. Otherwise, we would need to see photos of your full front of the machine, the blade housing with the mat/vinyl loaded, and the full workspace to begin troubleshooting you could post those on the Cameo Pro FB group and we could start troubleshooting the issue, I have a Cameo 4 which is about a year old & only used occasionally. Again, there can be a communication breakdown if theres a problem with your USB cord. Lets say youre cutting HTV with the mat and you have it set to 10 width. The machine reads your page set up in the software to know how far to load. If your Silhouette Cameo 4 is not cutting right, I have 6 solutions that are common and easy to fix. Ask Question Comment Step 2: Unscrewing Turning the Cameo over and remove the 2 screws as shown on the picture. Crez, Osez, Soyez Passionns ! If you are cutting media without using a cutting mat, select "None" in the Cutting Mat options. But youre not worried, because youre using the left side of the material. The second button looks the same but without the grid. The fix: make sure the motor box is starting in the correct place before sending the job to cut. Its such a great machine we expect it to be able to read minds. What if a person in front of you gets fed up with how long its taking and leaves? This is something I have learned through years of troubleshooting Silhouette machines, verifying with Silhouette Support, and by watching my Silhouette machines as they work. You may not notice that with some sets of page dimensions, the arrow that normally points up on your drawing area moves to pointing left. Solve Your Silhouette Print and Cut Issues. For Cameo Pro owners, there are 2 ways mats or materials get loaded. Thats for loading the mat. Silhouette Users- turn the machine off and move the blade holder all the way to the left. On the machine (Cameo 2 & 3 only): go into the settings by clicking on the gear icon on the machine screen. The new job doesnt start immediately but gets added to the queue (order of jobs to be done). First, make sure the cord goes directly between the computer and the machine, not through a USB hub. I am not sure why it started doing this. Check out the Troubleshooting video HERE on my YouTube channel too! Theres just 1 guideline and it has small arrows pointing to it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Easy right? -Leave Silhouette Studio running and go into the File Explorer on your computer to find the image you saved. (LogOut/ I have watched so may videos and non of them have worked. I am having the same problem. Grab the roller in one hand and hold the roller bar in the other. It's my first time setting up one of these machines. Then, click on the "Print Test Page" button to print the calibration page displayed on your screen. The good news: its usually an easy fix. Solution: When installing the auto blade, make sure there is not a tiny gap. The Cameo 3 ones are not labeled as such, and do not work! It will assume youve done it correctly and have that 1 margin at the top instead of the scant 1/2. Silhouette CAMEO calibration problems can occur from unboxing on. It helps it communicate correctly with your computer. Packed with technological improvements, the Cameo 4 marks a significant leap forwards from the Cameo 3 and previous Silhouette machines. If a Portrait, 8 1/2 x 11, etc. When youre setting up your file in the Silhouette Studio software, you need to make sure you choose the correct mat or chooseNoneif you are cutting without the mat. Using the turquoise arrows, manually move the housing unit on your Silhouette machine so that the cutting blade is situated directly over the upper left box on your sticker paper. Plug the cords back in and turn the machine on. Silhouette CAMEO 4 AutoBlade Won't Cut If the blade on your Silhouette CAMEO 4 is not cutting the material or just barely cutting the material, there are two things to check. If you dont and hit thatSend to QueueorStart Cutting yep, youre cutting in the wrong place. Silhouette School Blog, Silhouette School Inc and MAV Creatives LLC are not associated with Silhouette America. From small garage shops to large print companies, I train them all. When cutting without a mat or using ANY other size cutting mat on the Cameo Pro, the mat gets loaded next to the line on the right side of the arrows. On Cameo 1 and Portrait 1 machines are 2 different options for loading Load Mat and Load Media. Powered by. To learn more about page settings, seethis post. The fix: always check your page setup when you start a project. Problem: If you are using registration marks, yes your material can be too glossy and your optic scanner cannot read them! Lets think back to what we know about the mat. Any time you have to turn off the machine during a cut, or if the power goes out, or if your toddler trips over the cord and pulls it out, follow these steps before turning it back on: The machine will go through all the motions of cutting, and any weird commands still hovering in the machine from the earlier job will get cleared out with doing this simple job. UGH! The key here is to load until the top edge of the material with or without mat is even with the back edge of the cutting strip. _How to Use Silhouette Studio (Beginners), _Other Compatible Software Tutorials (AI, Corel, Affinity). The specific type is USB 2.0 A Male to B Male. Cameo 4 not cutting right side. 2. The housing aligns to the same exact place each time, IF the housing is in alignment. You will experience inconsistent cuts. These cords do go bad over time and often a new one will solve your issues. This blog post on Silhouette School Blog explains how to clean a CAMEO 4 blade Looking for more EDITED Silhouette videos from start to finish? Calisea Art does this also work for the Cameo 3? Fully I Love America . I try calibrating the Cameo 4 and it still turns on and moves itself to the middle of the machine. When you first open the software, the page size will default to the full size your machine can cut. Thats because it doesnt always happen. If you are saying in the software that youre using a mat, but load a material without the mat, the machine is going to pull it in too far. Go to and click the icon in the bottom right corner and provide as much information as you can. The screen of the machine when you first turn it on shows 3 choices:Load Cutting Mat, Load MediaandUnload. If the machine starts cutting into the top edge of your mat, that means youve gotNone set as your cutting mat instead of a Cameo or Portrait mat. If you send a new job without unloading, the cut will start right where the motor box stopped usually down and to the right on the page. How to use the Silhouette Studio Drawing tools: Lesson 3 Draw an Arc, Draw something! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The frame features a reflective, polished brass base coupled. See how the red cut border is right at the top? You can get one from Silhouette America here. The roll feeder should still be set up and make sure you are using the middle mat support. Step 1: Take Your Cameo 4 on a Flat Clean Suface. You think, Oh, goodness! Does the red line match the blade depth you set on the Send tab in the software?On the Send tab, the middle number on the black dial with the blue shading is the blade depth. All copyright, trademark, impersonation and intellectual property violations will be subject to legal action. x 7.68 in. So she hits Start Cutting instead. Ask Question Step 3: Remove Cross Cutter Remove the cutter unit and turn the Cameo back facing you. This is the MOST IMPORTANT step otherwise the Blade Housing Reset will NOT fix cut issues. To learn more about page settings, see this post. It's not much too high, but I have to adjust it virtually so that my design will cut lower on the actual mat. MORE INFO and IMPT LINKS!If these fixes don't get the CAMEO 4 cutting again, the autoblade blade may need to be cleaned. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Likewise cutting a material with too much force or a blade that's too deep or trying to cut a material that's too thick or dense can cause the blade to get stuck in the material or mat and throw the calibration off. When the lever is pointing toward you, the roller bar is raised and the rollers are ready to be adjusted. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and! We've updated our prices to Euro for your shopping convenience. How to use the Silhouette drawing tools Lesson 1: Draw a line, Tuesday quick tip: How to strikethrough text, Attention Windows computer users with an older Silhouette machine, Silhouette America to discontinue the Curio. If you are still expecting the arrow to point up, you will load the material incorrectly. Ensure a Silhouette brand cutting mat is in use. For the Portrait model machines, the mat gets loaded next to the line in the photo above. Plug the Silhouette power cord back into the machine securely. Solution: To calibrate your blade onSilhouette Studio, follow the steps on the calibration page to solve the issue. I also sometimes find small paper scraps inside the blades hole and clean it out from time to time. This Silhouette CAMEO calibration tutorial will fix that issue applies to the CAMEO 4 and other older machines. Unplug the power cord from the machine and the wall. This does not apply to the Mint. It also has a shift key, which changes those to up and down arrows. If youre cutting without the mat, its the left edge of the material. This helps me to be able to keep my business going and provide more tutorials. When you put material on the mat, the top edge of the material is about 3/4 down from the top edge of the mat. To do this, go to the send page of Silhouette Studio. The guide for the mat is the one farthest left. Symptom: Machine starts cutting in top edge of mat, Prescription: Choose the correct type of mat in page setup, not, Symptom: Cut starts too far down when bypassing mat, Symptom:Cut starts in wrong area of mat or material. It doesnt always happen, but there may be lingering commands in the machines brain and you need to get rid of them. The blade housing should be directly behind the left roller and the right roller should be on the edge of the cutting mat and not rolling across the adhesive on the mat or the material. This can also happen when you are using a smaller mat, change the layout orientation, or rotate the view. I have a reminder on the inside lid of my Curio machine that embossing flips the whole page. This ensures the material wont be sliding around. Lets look at 11 reasons why your machine may cut in the wrong place and how to fix it. Prescription: Always check your page setup when you start a project. If you dont realize this, your cut could start in the wrong place. Reason #9: Motor box moved for test cut and not reset, The fix: check the Send area in the software and the machine screen to make sure jobs in the, Reason #11: Machine turned off during the cut, Reason #13: Registration Mark Reading issue.
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